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a few questions about the graphtec ce 5000 24" please respond!!!

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i have a few questions abut the graphtec ce5000 24" cutter!!! 1.) does it work with coreldraw x4, or do you have to purchase an additional coreldraw plugin, and if so whats thhe name and around how much do they cost??? 2.)when buying this cutter does it already come with the software needed to operate it and what is the name of it, and is it a good software??? 3.) where is a good price to buy this cutter for a good price???oh and 4.)what can the roland gx-24 do better, or at all that the graphtec cant??? in other words what am i sacrifing for the price difference?????
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I picked up my CE5000-60 (24" model) about a year ago from Ordway Sign Supply in Van Nuys, CA. I think it was right around 1000$ and it came with a stand vs. the Roland was 1500$ and didnt come with a stand.

The plotter comes with a cut program that has plugins for either Adobe Illustrator or Corel.

Ive used Roland and Graphtec plotters and they are basically equal in terms of features and performance. I definitely think the Graphtec is a better deal though.

email me if you have any other questions.

[email protected]
Cutting Master 2 will come with the cutter that can be used in Coreldraw or Illustrator.
Or you can download it for free from Graphtec.
Graphtec America: Cutting Plotters, Vinyl Cutters, InkJet Printers, Wide Format Image Scanners, Data Loggers, Acquisition platforms, Electronic Testing Instruments, Craft Robo

If you can pick up the Graphtec for less money go with it.
I have one and I really like it.
Not sure about the Roland but my Graphtec is great. The cuttingmaster is good because you can size, rotate and stack graphics to make the most out of your vinyl. Cuts very small detail also.
I really liked the Plotting Control Center that comes with the Graphtec software.

I agree that both the Graphtec and the Roland GX-24 are good machines.

You definately wont go wrong with either machine.
I hae a detailed comparism chart with me. I can mail you if you require.
The main difference is
1)graphetec has 23.7" cutting width as Roland has 22.9" only.
2)Graphetec has better software drivers than Roland.
3) It is posible to control cutter from PC.in case of graphetec.which is not possible with roland.
4)Windows Drier (printer driver )of Graphetec is far advanced than one with Roland.
For details ask on [email protected]
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