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hi guys this is my first post so hope ive put it in the right place......ok a couple of questions that im sure have been asked many times before..

1 can a good durable print be done with heat transfer.( i dont wanna make shirts that look like crap after a couple of washes).

2 am i right in thinking the procedure is simply create design print off and heat press on

3 why have i been up most the night watching you tube vids on heat transfer v silk screen printing.

and finally

can a good buisness be set up using just heat transfer printing..............

many thanks........

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Hey newbie... I'm a newbie too. On your first question about durability, are you talking about laser or inkjet transfers or all heat transfers?

I believe that screen printed transfers with the various ways... plastisol, water based, etc.. inks are the same durability as directly screen printed. As long as you do your part right.

I haven't tried the laser/inkjet methods because there are a LOT of people who have problems with these and on pretty much every post I've seen questioning durability against screened transfers they have less durable. I don't know this first hand because after reading all that I have decided for now to just avoid doing it myself until I figure it out.

2. See answer one. Also though... I suggest you print off about 5 shirts of different design and press and then test out yourself prior to selling anything. After you wash it 5 or 6 times then you'll either have confidence in what you're pressing or go back and fix what you were doing. Sometimes you're lucky and it turns out great without any error.

3. You're watching youtube videos because you want to know everything about this new craft you're interested in. I love the fact that you can take pretty much any machine or trade and type it in youtube and end up with at a minimum sales videos... sometimes you get great instructionals though and then it's awesome.

4. Good luck. Don't sell a ton of shirts till you've experimented on yourself. You don't have to worry about spoiling your customers that way.
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