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Hi all, I wanted to get some opinions about fonts. First and foremost, if you download a free font somewhere, are you able to use it in a shirt design free and clear, or does the font-maker need to be somehow compensated or acknowledged in the process (sort of like copyright etc)?

Which leads me to my next question: how do you all feel about using custom fonts? I find myself not wanting to use them because I feel like I'm not creating the artwork or the look that I want from scratch, like I'm just using someone else's design. But then, at the same time I don't mind using the fonts that come with illustrator or photoshop etc. Maybe its just me haha. I wanted to get the general consensus on this though, need to see if I should just make my own fonts!

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For each font you want to download, there will be some kind of statement on use. Example, on dafont's site, in the upper right hand corner of the font description it will say "public domain", "free for personal use", etc. Public domain or free indicates you can use it anyway you see fit. Personal use, not for commercial, etc. tells you you can't use it for business.

If you find a unique font that you like, why create your own?
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