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A Couple Newbies

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Hey all,

We're two college students looking to start a small local clothing brand for some extra side cash. We both have a lot of experience with computers and the arts, and lots of art / graphic design / web design experience between the two of us.

We've both been lurkers of this forum for quite a while and i can definitely say it's chock-full of great information on the subject.

We don't have a site up yet, but you can check us out at FLAKapparel | www.flakapparel.com | Hoo-rah. (we got a little placeholder up there at the moment). Hope that doesnt violate the self-promo rules, I just put it up there. Click if you're curious! hah.

Anyways, neither of us have much experience in this field, but have big ideas and can really see this becoming successful. Hopefully this forum will serve to help us out greatly. I'll try to play my part too by helping anyone out on subjects I'm familiar with.

So that's it for now, thanks!

Trevor Henry / Brad Houghton
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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