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A Big Hello from Pointless T-Shirts

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Hello everyone. Brand new to this and the notion just took me the other day to make a website and the first thing I thought of making was T-Shirts. My website is very much in it's infancy and is nowhere near the quality I am hoping to achieve one day.
Just want to say a big thank you to the people who started this website because it is Brilliant and i've already picked up so many Hint's and Tips after only a few days. Totally Ace.
Well hopefully i'll be around more often now that i've found you. Remember our motto.
99% Genius - 1% Quality

Cheers everybody.


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Hello Steve,
Welcome to the forums.... You can thank Rodney Blackwell, he is the person who runs this fine place.
Enjoy your stay here! Its a great source of information. Ask questions and you will get them answered. Good luck.
Hi Steve, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
It's a good start so dont worry about it....you can always improve over time anyway. Good luck mate,

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome, it's much appreciated. It's amazing how many more hit's i've taken on the site just by following tips from you guys.
Thanks again and i'm sure i'll be back in times of trouble.

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