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Tips and tricks for printing on 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane shirts?

Spray amount? drying time? Etc Etc?

Using breeze 931

Thank you
You want to print on dark, or white. ?
We gave up on dark. can't get a good print, either we need to turn the heat down. then then the shirts doesnt look good after wash, with the heat on normal, the wash looks good, but the print is to dark / burned when they come out of the tunnel.
- On whites, its just like printing on 100% cotton.

try asking in the Kornit forum on facebook also.

Good luck.

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Not sure of the dryer you are using, but I would try doing the following:
Apply a very heavy amount of spray (around 85-100%, or possibly more)
Reduce the dry time and temp to lower heat (about 285 F) and longer dry time (up to 14-16 minutes)
I found that the Kornit ink does not seem to dry at temperatures below 270 F, so you do not want to go too low. The idea is to just slowly pull the moisture out of the garment, so the ink cures and dries properly.
One other thing you could try, is adding a delay between each layer of ink. I found that about 30 seconds between layers works pretty well. I know it is not ideal, especially when it comes to the times you have to wait, but these types of garments are not very good, when it comes to waterbase ink. The fabric was made to repel water, so it tends to repel waterbase ink as well.
Good luck!
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