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95% cotton and 5% spandex and easyweed

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Well I figured to have some questions pretty soon. Most of the stuff I do is sand carving but just starting to dabble with t-s.

Our bowling League wants names put on their shirts. Problem is they are 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

I have some easyweed samples but couldn't find any info on heat settings etc for this blend.

Will this stuff work on that blend or is there another vinyl I should try?

Thanks for letting me get my feet wet here.

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I did some shirts like that about a month ago. They were AA brand. Imprintables told me to use Elasticut. It worked out well, it is a highly stetchable material. If you have an older shirt like the one you need done, you could try the regular vinyl, see if it can be stretched without problems. I wouls just have a new sample sent out to be safe.
I've used Multicut with this blend and it worked perfectly. So I'd say you'd be alright.
I have done similar garments using EZ Weed and had no problems at all. Saw one of the shirts the other day, still looks perfect!
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