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I don't think I've ever had an issue curing something. But been having issues printing on American Apparel ladies 95% cotton/ 5% Spandex tanks lately.

Even had One Stroke send me flex ink that is made for this type of material. I can get it to crack. I can wash test with no crack and then stretch it to crack if I try hard enough. Sometimes I can get it to crack off the belt after a cool down.

Funny thing, I went back to using Aquasilk by OSI and it's not made for the 5% spandex thing, but it is much more durable. I have to stretch it like a superhuman after a wash test to get it to show any cracks at all. Something a normal customer probably wouldn't do...I think. And it holds up to repeated washings better than the flex.

Problem with THAT is, gotta be really careful not to stretch the print out too much when pulling off the platen.

So....what am I missing here?

With the flex ink, which is supposed to be for Lycra/Spandex blends. I have tried EVERYTHING. Even slowing the belt and curing to the point that the ink bubbled. I can still get it to crack?
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