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My 9 x 12 HPN swing away isn't even two years old and it won't turn on. I used it today, turned it off and now, it won't come on. The switch doesn't light up, unless I put pressure on it. I shut it off, unplugged it from everywhere, because I am afraid to mess with it. I have had trouble with the top clamping down. I had to raise the pressure knob extremely high. I am not real comfortable taking the screws out by the plug and looking. I can find someone to come and look at it, but thought I would post here for some thoughts.

I feel like I will replace it because of the pressure issues. I have trouble pressing anything thick, that just started in the last few months. I have a big clamshell in my basement, but I like having a small one in my craft room, so I don't have to go up and the down the steps.

Thoughts on a fairly inexpensive one or what to do with this one?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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