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One of the cool new features of our T-ShirtForums newsletter is the "Featured Member" section.

This section is our chance to showcase some of our helpful and knowledgeable members from all over the world. Hopefully this will help the community get to know a bit more about the helpful "faces" they see here at T-ShirtForums.com :)

Our next Featured Member is Rick, known on the forums as @wormil

8 Questions with Rick @wormil) from 919 Tees

Do you remember when and why you originally joined T-ShirtForums.com?

I joined in January 2008 to brush up on new technology in the garment industry and because I love associating with fellow t-shirt fans.

What type of t-shirt business do you run?

My business has developed more into a print brokerage where I handle just about any printing need. I have a network of skilled and reliable businesses to whom I sub a variety of work from shirts, banners, cardboard stand-ups, business cards and printed vinyl graphics. Several times I have flirted with dragging a squeegee again but currently am working with custom transfers + subs. I also occasionally sell a few zombie related retail designs, yes, I am a zombie nerd.

Do you have a website?

You bet, several in fact, gotta these days. 919tees.com is my main site and is badly outdated, web work is just about my least favorite thing to do next to paying taxes. I'm looking into a CMS (content management system) that will make it easier to post updated content. I get most of my business through Facebook and networking.

How long have you been in business?

919Tees Printing & Graphics has been in business since 2008. A couple decades ago I was a partner in a garage based screenprinting business, we were drowning in work we barely knew how to print and eventually dissolved the partnership out of frustration. Later I went to work for a decent sized screenprinter who was doing both garments and flatwork (signs, banners, stickers, etc.) and learned a tremendous amount.

What was your reason for getting into the t-shirt business?

My high school offered a screenprinting class as part of Industrial Arts. Everyone said I was really good at it and orders started coming in before I even owned equipment. A friend of mine joined me and we printed for about half a year out his garage. We started with nothing but pine 2x4's, plywood, basic power tools and a hatchet; from that we built a print press, a hat press and a curing oven. The print quality was great but the process was slow and frustrating ... oh if I knew then what I know now.

What was one of your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome it?

Fear of failure and I still struggle with it. When I left home as a teen I had nothing and no safety net, failure at any point always meant living on the street so I probably have played it too conservatively. My motto was always, 'Never do anything you'll regret and never regret anything you do.' I'm not sure it always served me well but it did get me over some humps.

What's the best piece of advice you've given or been given?

Been given: Once after asking my dad a bunch of questions he asked me, "How would you do it? Go figure it out and come back." So I did and it left a lasting impression.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm in the process of launching rickeyrotten.com which will (eventually) carry a variety of zombie and maybe prepper related apparel. My regular business has taken off this year and I have a new hobby, making musical instruments, so I haven't given the time it needs but new designs are in the works including one inspired by a very popular zombie television show ;) My plan is to have it rolling by October.

Feel free to use the replies area below to say Hi to Rick or to ask any follow up questions about his answers (or if you just want to find out which musical instrument would best soothe an attacking zombie ;)).

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