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One of the cool new features of our T-ShirtForums newsletter is the "Featured Member" section.

This section is our chance to showcase some of our helpful and knowledgeable members from all over the world. Hopefully this will help the community get to know a bit more about the helpful "faces" they see here at T-ShirtForums.com :)

Our next Featured Member is Jerid, known on the forums as @JeridHill

8 Questions with Jerid @JeridHill) from Screeners Choice and Belquette

Do you remember when and why you originally joined T-ShirtForums.com?

I was one of the early members, I joined on February 8th, 2006, member 1488 to be exact! I had my own forum that was growing extremely well and after finding out some not so great things about my host, my entire site was lost. There was so much work involved in building a site, I just began searching for a new forum to be a member of.

What type of t-shirt business do you run?

I used to own a screen printing shop with various methods of printing. Screener's Choice was started to help supply film making products to the screen printing industry. Since selling my screen shop, I've taken on past clients in the DTG realm. Not as much as I used to print, but enough to keep me engaged in the printing business.

Do you have a website?

Yes, but it doesn't show the printing side, it's Welcome to Screener's Choice!

How long have you been in business?

I started my screen printing business in 1998 and owned 2 businesses in that time. In 2011, I sold my screen printing business and retained Screener's Choice.

What was your reason for getting into the t-shirt business?

Graphic Design. I felt that if I could get my foot in the door of companies, I would be able to work my way into supplying their design needs.

What was one of your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome it?

Starting my business in a small town was a big obstacle. I ended up finding work outside of my area, but it took a while for me to understand that. I focused too much on local when the entire country was my target. After I understood this, the internet and a lot of "cold calling" is what helped turn my sales around.

What's the best piece of advice you've given or been given?

've come to understand that competition is a great thing. Not only does competition drive you to do better, you can also work with competition to buffer each other. At the time I sold my business, I was printing for at least 75% of my local "competition". I was able to do larger volume as well as high end direct to garment printing. This gave me an edge and instead of most of the competition investing in similar equipment, they were willing to work with me for their needs. Don't be afraid of competition, use it to your advantage (as well as theirs).

Anything else you'd like to add?

I now do what I love, that's working for a company that manufacturer's dtg printers. Even though I still own and operate Screener's Choice, most of my time is spent working with our growing customer base at BelQuette in Florida. Visit either of our sites (or both) and enjoy! I'm almost always available for whatever questions you throw at me!

Welcome to Screener's Choice!
Digital Direct To Garment Printers by BelQuette

Feel free to use the replies area below to say Hi to Jerid or to ask any follow up questions about his answers or his industry journey.

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