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One of the cool new features of our T-ShirtForums newsletter is the "Featured Member" section.

This section is our chance to showcase some of our helpful and knowledgeable members from all over the world. Hopefully this will help the community get to know a bit more about the helpful "faces" they see here at T-ShirtForums.com :)

Our next Featured Member is Don, known on the forums as @Don-ColDesi

8 Questions with Don from ColDesi (formerly SWF East)

Do you remember when and why you originally joined T-ShirtForums.com?

The direct to garment industry was really starting to get traction in 2006 when I joined. This forum was largest impartial forum at the time (and still is). I joined to have the chance to interact with real world users & potential users of direct to garment products in order to assist them with their equipment as well as learn what the wants and needs of the marketplace were.

What type of t-shirt business do you run?

I am the digital products manager for ColDesi, Inc - a Tampa, FL based distributor of apparel decoration equipment. My daily tasks range from account manager to writing manuals, press releases & articles for major trade magazines to technical support to "playing" with printers.

Do you have a website?

Yes - Embroidery Machines | Screen Printing | DTG Garment Printers

How long have you been in business?

I started out providing computer systems to screen printers in late 1990. I have been employed by ColDesi, Inc (formerly SWF East) since 2004.

What was your reason for getting into the t-shirt business?

I was working in retail and a part-time employee for Christmas was working full-time for a company (now defunct) that sold computer systems & equipment to screen printers to help them do separations. We taked frequently and he convinced me to apply for a job. Shortly after I began work there I help launch the company into the sign equipment & software marketplace.

What was one of your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome it?

I left my initial position in the industry to work for CADlink Technology Corporation as a regional manager and from there I opened my own business selling equipment, software & supplies to the sign, screen printing & imaging industries. The fallout of 9/11 was the biggest obstacle I have ever faced - it ultimately caused me to shut down my business as small value added resellers were no longer able to compete with the large equipment & supply houses. I left the industry for about a year to sell IT training but felt the tug to get back into the industry. My search ended with my current position.

What's the best piece of advice you've given or been given?

The money that you (sales person) earn as a commission will not impact your (my) life - but the equipment/software that you are selling can have a huge impact on your customer's life (potentially good or bad). By keeping this in mind it assures that you are focused on helping the other person achieve their dream. I have tried very hard to live by this creed in my professional career.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I have spent nearly half of my life (and virtually all of my adult life) helping people start and/or build their businesses - mostly in the graphics industry. My experience runs the gamut from technical support & training to sales to product development to business counselor. I view my position in the direct to garment industry as the culmination of the last twenty one years of my life. What I do is not my job - anyone can have a job - it is my passion

Feel free to use the replies area below to say Hi to Don or to ask any follow up questions about his answers or the DTG industry.

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