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One of the cool new features of our T-ShirtForums newsletter is the "Featured Member" section.

This section is our chance to showcase some of our helpful and knowledgeable members from all over the world. Hopefully this will help the community get to know a bit more about the helpful "faces" they see here at T-ShirtForums.com :)

Our next Featured Member is Brice, known on the forums as @brice

8 Questions with Brice from Suncoast Specialty Printing

Do you remember when and why you originally joined T-ShirtForums.com?

To learn more about the apparel decorating business. I had purchased a business that include apparel decoration. Clearly needed more experience and industry know how and T-Shirt Forums offered that.

What type of t-shirt business do you run?

I do screen printing and garment vinyl. In addition I offer screen printed transfers and DTG solutions to my clients by using contract firms.

Do you have a website?

Suncoast Specialty Printing - Promotional Products - Screen Printing - Full Color Print - Home

How long have you been in business?

14 months.

What was your reason for getting into the t-shirt business?

I was looking for something I could do post business career that would allow me to interact with my clients directly and offer me full control of my offerings and solutions. Subsequently lost my job and went full time.

What was one of your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome it?

Marketing my business. I'm still struggling with it. Generating business continues to be a challenge. There are a lot of window shoppers out there.

What's the best piece of advice you've given or been given?

Don't give up. Focus on your strengths and make the most of your core capabilities. Leverage contract providers for areas where you don't have core competency.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I've started this from scratch and have have a unique perspective of 28 years of corporate experience and trying to adapt what I learned to my new small business.

Feel free to use the replies area below to say Hi to Brice or to ask any follow up questions about his answers or company.

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Good luck to you Brice. I too am learning this business, I can't see myself doing anything else I love the look on the customer face when you hand them there order. Its a great feeling to start from scratch and turn your hard work into something you can be proud of. Keep up the hard work I will be doing the same.Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
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