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Hello All,

I have been working on this site for about 8 months, very part-time. Golf themed, t-shirts. Going through Shopify/Printful. Mostly pop culture mash-up types, but would love to one day build my own brand of apparel (think Travis Mathew type).

Site is: http://www.9holer.com

Anyway, I don't have many sales outside of friends/family. I have only spent about $80 on some FB/IG ads. I have a local golf store willing to let me sell some shirts (need to figure out the best way to get those printed, another conversation) So anyway, Just wondering if the designs are decent, price ok? I recently lowered to just move some product, and get the name out. Been spending a couple bucks to be sponsors with big FB golf groups, still no sales. So focusing on building followers on social media.

I know I need better pics. I am hoping to sign up for a couple festivals this summer, and get some real world pics going. Any other feedback would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long post!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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