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8 inks VS 4 inks and Epson 9890 VS T5000 help

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Need to buy a larger printer for dye sub before the Epson sale is over with but have many ?s i can not find real reply's to.

First ? is
amount of ink colors... it seems like i would get better photo quality prints from a 8 color printer but i have read some saying you can not see any differance from using 4 color VS the 8 color.

Would like some of you that have used both to respond back in what you thoughts on this are.. is 8 better or not can you see is real difference in the final output?

Also i have read that if i get a 8 color i can run it as a double 4 color using rip software then i would be back to 4 color again.

Printers i like the size of the Epson T5000 at 36 inch wide prints that will cover everything we plan on doing and we will be using a 30x40 press so the T5000 would do what we want and with it only having 4 inks well 5 with extra black the cost to buy into it for the printer and only 4 incks vs 8 would be around $1000 less.

But i can not find anyone that is using it for dyesub?? Is the T5000 not as good of a printer as the 9890 ??

Or is the T5000 not a good printer for dye sub use it is being sold as more of a business style of printer not so much as a photo quality printer but Espon says on theie website it is a work hores printer with newer print heads.

So with 4 colors using dye sub inks it seems like it would rock.

I can go with the 9890 if i have to but it would cost more take up a little more space and be larger then what i need.

Dose the 9890 and the T5000 use the same quality print head.

Any thoughts on all this would be very helpfull.

I would love to get the same print made on both a 4 color and a 8 color to see if they look any different the T5000 to see that print quality.

I have a 13 inch 8 color right now and the print quality is very good no problems with that.

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Here is some info on the two printers.

9890 44 inch printer 8 colors 9 with extra black
Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head
One-inch wide high-performance print head with 360 nozzles per channel
Maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi
Auto-sharing black ink channel technology
Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliter to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic quality
8-channel, drop-on-demand, ink jet print head
Approximately 45 dB(A) according to ISO 7779
Print speed
20" x 30" prints from 4:03 to 12:52 Normal is 6:39 T500 seems to be faster
Ink carts
110 ml, 350 ml, or 700 ml each x 9 colors total
two year extra service plan $1305

T500 36 inch printer 4 color 5 with extra black
Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head
One-inch wide print head with 720 nozzles per color
Maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi
Auto-switching dual-black ink technologies - Photo and Matte Black
Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic print quality
High-Capacity ink system for low printing costs
10-channel, drop-on-demand, ink jet print head
Approximately 50 dB(A) according to ISO 7779
Print speed
22 x 34 2.50 min VS around 6.39 min for the 9890 both at max quality
Ink carts
110 ml, 350 ml, or 700 ml each x 5 colors total
two year extra service plan $1025 $280 less then 9890

Both have border free printing and sheet feed if needed
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I'm just going to say this. You will see a difference on hard substrates like aluminum, not so much on fabric with a 4 color vs. an 8 color. One of my printers is a 9890 and other than cleaning the magenta head every day, it's been great on output and reliability.

Just pull the trigger and get the Mutoh 1638W. That's on the list for me.
Are you using Wasatch Epson Exclusive Edition on the 9890?

Is that needed.

What about on wood do you think you could see a difference on wood?

What gets me is the new Epson 44 inch F dye sub version is only using 4 colors i am thinking it is the Wasatch that is making it print better with better gradients and maybe brighter.

Only difference i can see from the F to the T is the F dose have a larger print droplet size 5.3 VS 3.5 on the others.
The F has the refill ink tanks and comes with dye sub ink and the Wasatch rip but wow the service package to add in extra years is outrages coverage is $1799 a year for each extra year up to 3.

Going to look at the Mutoh 1638W
OO i see the Mutoh 1638W is a 64 inch i only need a 36 any they make in that size.?
I'm using Caldera as my rip and as to it printing better, I'd say Wasatch's rip or any rip for that matter gives you more control over your output. A custom profile is EVERYTHING for a printer. When you have a dedicated profile, the printer is in essence "tuned" to that specific paper for that specific substrate. I have different profiles for different substrates.

Yeah, the 1638 is a little overkill for what your are needing. Being able to see a difference from 4 to 8 color on wood, guess it depends on the coating and surface texture of the base coating. I would venture to guess that there is no huge discernible difference. You will see more gradual tones with printing portraits with 8 than 4 but on wood I wouldn't be worried.

I would get Wasatch Epson version.

Wish i could get some real user info on the T5000 or any of the Ts and how well they are working for Dye sub.
The T Series printers have an extra color channel which can be used to add a color such as Fluorescent Yellow to the color mix.
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