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8 color Javelin + Extras

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For Sale:

1996 8 color Tuf Products Javelin

1 Set adult pallets (15” width)
1 Set youth pallets (12” width)
1 Set sleeve pallets (4” width)

8 Adult Squeegees (17” width)
4 Youth Squeegees (14” width)

3 total flash units, 2 Flashbacks, also one shuttling quartz flash (Flashback without print/flash on same head feature).

Upgrades to press:

“Olympian” style band cylinders for stroke in heads 1 and 8 (far more durable than standard Javelin stroke cylinders)
“Olympian” style squeegee flip cylinders on all heads (upgraded to provide better constant squeegee pressure)

Press has been in operation for 12 years. Press has well cared for and meticulously maintained. Currently still in production.

Also included:

1 1992 HIX Premier Dryer, 36” belt, 16’ long, 10’ of heat.
1 1996 Campbell Hausfeld 10 HP reciprocating Air Compressor
1 2000 Arrow Chiller/Air dryer ½ HP
1 1996 Ronk Rotary Phase Converter (for Air Compressor)
1 1996 Tuf Products Accu-stretch Screen Stretcher (will do 23 x 31 frames)

Price is $15,000 and firm. Package is for sale, items will not be sold separately.

Preference is for buyer to pick up equipment using their own truck. Located in Herndon, VA.

Serious inquires only please. Pictures available upon request.

Contact: [email protected]
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Where is the item located?
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