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$600 worth of stock heat transfers - $200 obo

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There are atleast 2 of each, usually 3. Were over $600 when I bought them.

Http://bang-on.com - $150

All Your Base
1396-trn Tattoo Lady
1393-trn Smoking Monkey
572-Trn Genuine Mustache Rides
994-Trn Tiger
993-Trn Elephant
992-Trn Lion
1471-Trn Vulture
1470-Trn Skull
1466-Trn Revolvers Large C&I
1465-Trn Indian Princess
1463-Trn Eagle
1461-Trn Cowboy
342glw-trn Anatomical Ribcage Glow (small)
683-trn Torneo De Gallas (Cock Fight)
681-trn Mexican Wrestling - Masks
679-trn Day Of The Dead - Sugar Skulls
677-trn Day Of The Dead- Mariachi
1445-trn Reaper
1443-trn Mummy
1439-trn Kong
1956-Trn Baller
1953-Trn Like A Boss
1891-Trn Waldo
1879-Trn Fus Ro Dah
1857-Trn Troll Face
1854-Trn X-Ray Kitty OVERSIZE
1749-Trn Tebow Jesus
1971-Trn Hover Or Die
1930-Trn Ceiling Cat
1929-Trn **** Yea
1926-Trn O RLY
1925-Trn Hipster Kitty
1920-Trn Peanut Butter Jelly
1918-Trn Rageguy
1011-Trn Tiger g
1494-Trn Bikini Girl
1493-Trn Tiger Oversized
1492-Trn Smoking Lips
1488-Trn Cobra
1686-Trn Karina
1824-Trn Generation
1817-Trn Paparazzi Che
1809-Trn Un-Done
1903-Trn Great Seal
1900-Trn Halftone Hendrix
494-trn Make Love Not War
91-trn Eat The Rich
1631-Trn I Bite Vampires
1630-Trn I Stake Vampires
1200-Trn Rainbow Stripes
1229-Trn Obey Obama
1148-trn Thumb War
1143-trn Multislacking
1321-trn Life Ain't Nothin....
1131-trn Blog To Differ
330-trn Respect OS
1742-Trn Want to Believe
1933-trn Sexy Know It
1939-Trn Wiggle Yeah
423-Trn House of Pain
1657-trn Me Want Cookie

Pro world - Proworldinc.com -$50

+Love Mustache A11192B
Sock It To Cancer A5996J
Pink Skull Youth A10398D
Smiley A8290B
Neon Video Game A6536D
So Not A Princess~Skull A3255D
Love Kiss A8606G
Smiley Face A12624B
Heart Peace Sign A11907C
Sunglasses A12826C
Make Love Not War~Neon A2163C
Fluorescent Skulls A10036B
Owl~Who Do You Love? A1931E
Boys Are Dirty A4052E
Dragon & Tiger A5682G
Live, Love & Party Neon A11987C
Fluorescent Zebra A10155C
Stressed Out Cat A3983C
Sexy And I Know It Neon A12067B
Tattoo Marilyn A6007D
Neon Headphones A11814D
Neon Pink Skull A10941B
Balancing Act A5332G
I Love Beer, Shamrock A10439D
Neon Sunglasses A11954E
Pot Leaf Applique A4940D
See/Hear/Speak-Monkey A11414B
Rooster Big A8331D
Family F**K Up A5811F
Zebra Print Lips A10015B
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