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i have a box of 50 brand new sleeveless shirts that i ordered for a band.. Rookie mistake.. ordering before they paid.. haven't heard from in a couple weeks when they decided to tell me they didn't have the money .. after they told me to order the shirts

anyways I have

20 Large paid 2.40 ea
20 XLarge paid 2.40 ea
10 XXL Paid 3.55 ea

Got them all from NES Clothing I just started doing business with them .. so i don't want to make a return :)

would take $2 each for the L/XL
and $3 each for the XXL
I'll only charge $12 for shipping.

So $122 shipped for the lot of the 50 shirts.

i take paypal or cash, or a USPS money order
1 - 4 of 4 Posts