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50/50 polyester cotton

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Hi People, Im looking for a supplier who stocks clothing suitable for sublimination, Everywere I look they all say %100 cotton, I know this is probably not the case but aswell as my inkjet transfers which obviously work well on cotton, i believe that sublim does not, But can I find a supplier?? NO, I would prefer someone in uk but aslong as delivery is quick and not too expensive thats fine.
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50/50 poly/cotton is not so good for sublimation. Sublimation inks do not bond with cotton fabric, so you will loose 50% of your image and the print will look faded/washed out/distressed. The higher % of cotton in your blend - the more faded image you'll get.

Unless you are talking about t-shirts with 100% polyester outer-shell and 100%cotton inner-shell. There were SoftLink t-shirts made this way, but they are discontinued now, so don't know if you can still find any in UK.

If you do a search in Dye-Sub section of the forums, there are a few threads mentioning 35/65% cotton/poly t-shirts some people in the UK are using, sorry I don't remember the brand. That is if you don't mind slightly faded vintage look of the print.
Hmmmm, Thats a good point, Maybe I need 100% polyester?
Can anybody help?
You can't get 100% polyester t-shirts in the UK, I think anywhere for that matter. They just don't manufacture, hoodies and sweats, yes plenty, but for tee's u need to use the polymer coated. There's a few sub tee suppliers in UK. The 1 we favour is Xpres, they don't come cheap. We stopped sub tees shortly after we started some months back it's too much headache. We're now testing out laser transfer for our full colour to garment instead of dye-sub, we only use this process for full colour to substrates now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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