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A while back, someone psoted a query about the relative merits of the Geo Knight 9 x 12 Digital Swinger JetPress and the Hix Hobby Lite 9X12 Swinger Heat Transfer Press

There were many responses, but none actually answered the posters' query. Instead they explained why the poster really wanted something bugger and better.

I was hoping to see an actual discussion of why one might be better thsan ther other.

I'm looking at these same presses, as well as the Panther Press 9x12 (which I saw at BestBlanks.Com)

I'm not going into business, just making some shirts for my self and friends. I may make hslf a dozen to a dozen shirts in one month, then not make any for the next 3 or 4 months. I want to use higher quality transfer paper than is available at Office Depot, but such materials typically are not intended for use with an electric iron. So I want to get around the limitation that an iron cannot be used for good results.

I am also disabled, and a 60 pound monster is way overkill for me. I also do not want to deal with the kind of logistical problems that sometimes arise post-sale with ebay sellers that would not be an issue for (or even occur to) a fully abled person.

For the kind of artwork I'm putting on t-shirts, a letter sized image space is plenty big.

For these reasons I'm hoping someone can compare these heat presses, or even just report on their experiences with just one of them (was heating across the platen uneven for example?). Do the specs present any red flags that I would not know to look for?

Is the Panther Press 9x12 an off-label device that should be avoided like the plague?

If you know that one cannot get quality results with any of these 3 presses, please let us know. I'm sure that I'm not the only one here who would want to know.

Many thanks
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