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5 sec Pre Press and Red 100% Cotton Gildan Shirt

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I am a newbie and working on my first order. I have experimented on several shirts and not encountered any problems until now. My customer wanted red 100% cotton gildan shirts. My heat press was at 320 and I did a 5 sec pre press. It left a discolored mark of the press on the shirt. I'm doing a quick wash test to see if it comes out. Is this normal? I want to double check before filling this order. Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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I do a 10 second pre-press.....The colour comes back once the humidity equalizes....It should not be a problem in the long term.....
Thanks royster13! You saved me from having a heart attack!
Yeah, red shirts do give you a heart attack the first time. Just sprinkle water on it and the color comes right back.
Amy. Many red shirts will have this result. As soon as the moisture returns the discoloration should disappear.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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