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Hi guys,

I have a flatbed printer based on 4880C with a Teflon printhead with a lot of problems in some lines. I have been fighting with it for more than a year trying to replace all possible parts involved in ink supply. No matter what I have done some lines seems to have problems with ink flowing back or not filling with inks even after 2-3 power cleaning cycles.

Somebody told me to check nipples for cracks and today I took it off the printer and checked. I cannot not see any cracks but I can see some kind of weird sealing with some glossy stuff around some nipples. It is not even completely going around each nipple just a few drops around some and a few incomplete circles around other nipples.
This glossy "sealing" seems to be a glue or something close to it. I have no idea where it came from. After finding it I guess my printer has been supplied with a used printhead that had some problems with nipples sealing and they have used a glue to fix it. Unless of course there was some cover around the nipples and that glue is what's used to hold that cover.

I have another 4800 printhead and I have compared the 4880c printhead with the 4800 printhead and to be honest I cannot this sealing on the 4800 printheadl.

I put the one from the 4800 into my flatbed printer and it seems to work straight away. So far no air leaks and no inks flowing back. I would stop experimenting and use the 4800 one but it is from an old Epson printer and it has quite a lot of its nozzles clogged. Now I am thinking to get a new 4880 Teflon printhead or just a new regular one for a 4800 model but before I invest from $400 to $800 for the new printhead I want to be sure that all my problems with air leak have been caused by a bad or a used printhead.

If somebody has a new 4880C(or 4880) printhead can you please take its nipples closeup picture in the highest possible resolution and share it.

Also is there anyway to fix the one I have? Its nozzles do not seem to be clogged so if I find a way to fix nipples sealing it may work for me.
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