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400 watt halogen light?

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Hey guys,
I'm looking at starting screen printing, and need to find a cheap way to expose my A3 screens. I've found this on amazon:

Kingavon BB-HL103 Portable C Class 400w Halogen Lamp:Amazon.co.uk:Lighting

My question is, will this be ok to expose my screens? And also, how long and from what distance?
I've looked and looked, but found no real answer. Although I think 6 minutes or so should be a good starting point for trials.

Thanks in advance guys! :)
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for just a little more you can get a 1000w http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B008J1V128/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1394215480&sr=8-2 remove the glass. Your time will be dependent on distance from screen and type of emulsion being used dual cure or photopolymer. With halogen and metal halide a fan to cool the bulb is recommended as heat can cause exposure problems
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Thanks a lot, that's much better! Another question, my instructions for my emulsion says use a 5000 watt lamp at 1 metre away. So do I just follow these instructions with this lamp, and multiply the exposure time by 5? Or is it more complicated?
With halogen measure your screen diagonally. Then place the light approximately 1-1.5 times that distance. As for the time that will be inaccurate to try and figure that way. The bulb they are referring to is a metal halide that put off way more usable UV then a halogen. Its best to do a step wedge test that way you will test a range of times from one exposure test to figure your optimal exposure time.
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