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4 Color Process and Other stuff

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Questions on pricing.
We have a price sheet for up to 6 colors.
Is there a price difference for 4 color?

Once the seps are done, it is just as easy or easier to do than a 5 color design. Maybe because of perception to the customer that the price should be higher?

What about pricing on oversized prints?



Mr D.
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A 4-color spot color design and a 4-color process print are two different animals. To do real photo-realistic 4 color process requires professionally produced separations, and preferably an automatic press to provide even, consistent print strokes. God Bless.
I already know that.
I was asking for pricing suggestions
We charge the same for 3 color spot and 4 color process. 4 or more spot colors costs more.

We have in house high end separations capability which allows us to make spot or process film at a very affordable cost. Given that, our experience is that the major differences are as follows ...

1.) spot colors require ink mixing, process does not. Inks are mixed by weight with most colors taking 15 - 20 minutes to obtain a formula, weight out and mix. If you're doing 4 or more spot colors, thats a fair amount of extra time for the job.
2.) spot colors require you to completely clean the machine after each run. This can take a fair amount of time as well. If you run process ... and do process job after process job all you have to do is swap screens re-ink and off you go. So spot colors add to down time between jobs which translates to increased cost.

In short ... spot colors require more labor which has to be factored into the cost. In the cases where its appropriate to get the best results then the improvement in quality is easy justification for the cost difference.
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It's my fault I guess. I don't get around here that often to make the amount of posts to get myself upgraded from an apprentice.

I have been screen printing for over 15 years.
So, this is not my first rodeo.

A couple of years ago, we started doing over sized prints. Recently, we bought quik seps and have had great results with it.

Thank you for the information on pricing for spot and 4 color.

What about over sized prints?

Anyone else?

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