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I would like to mockup a t-shirt design where a word is laid out from sleeve to sleeve over the full width of the t-shirt upper chest area (start and end of word are on sleeves).

All mockup templates I've found online don't show the uploaded graphic realistically in terms of how they would follow the shape of the body, especially when the graphic is meant to take the whole t-shirt width, including the sleeves.

They all seem to be made mainly for graphic to be put on centre of torso area.
Some allow for the canvas to be the whole t-shirt width but still the graphic is not showed curving on the basis of the body shape (torso sides, arm curve, chest, breasts, etc).

I hope I explain clearly enough what I mean.

Do you have any suggestion on how to create a good photographic mockup where the word is rendered as adjusting to the body curves?
Is there a template on the web that fit my needs? Or should I contact a 3d artist?
Or any suggestion you might have on the matter?

Thank you,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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