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Hello Everyone!

I’ve been researching online and all the T-shirt forum posts and want to make sure I have my process right so I can go ahead and order everything to start my business. The wealth of information here is beyond amazing! Thank you!!!

Transfers: I’ll be ordering plastisol transfers from either F&M or Versatrans.

Apparel: I have wholesaler accounts with TSC, American Apparel and AllSytle. I’ll most likely stick to ordering American Apparel directly from TSC. Are there specific color shirts that plastisol transfers just don't work on?

Heat press: I learned that the heat press mainly just needs to be digital and heat up to at least 400F. The pressure and temperature around the machine also needs to be equal.

I found this PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press on Amazon:

I’d like to make sure that I can use this heat press to press F&M or any plastisol transfers on shirts as well as cotton socks (I’ll stretch the socks out to make sure there are no voids). My budget starting out is low so this falls within my budget and the reviews seem good. (I’m also still looking for a good quality blank sock wholesaler.. if anyone knows one). Lastly are Teflon sheets a must? I keep seeing videos where people don't use them.

That’s it! I sincerely appreciate any and all feedback regarding the above!
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