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So i bought the cutter through amazon about 3 wks ago
Just needed something extra to do some contour cutting
This has got to be the biggest piece of crap I´ve ever bought for my shop
I calibrated it, done the contour cut test sheet, and so on.
Mind you i do manual contour since the actual machine with the laser isn't actually a optical lens
I have done manual contour cutting on other machines.
This one has been beyond a headache-
-sometimes it moves to the next spot, sometimes it doesn´t
-once you get done setting all the points, it's off again
-a area comes up and says your outside of the area
-the next points on the actual screen are super off, once you set them to the exact spot it won't work
-the bottom rotation grip roll leaves marks on everything
If anyone can help me out here i would greatly appreciate it
I'm sooooo frustrated....i could throw this thing out the shop window, back in the shop, back out, run over it, kick it to the airport, take it as carry on to Spain and have a Spanish bull trample this damn thing
Thanks again lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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