This is an almost new 2021 M&R Dual Layer Dryer with a split bottom belt allowing for 3 different belt speeds. This is useful because you can run 75% of the belt at normal speed, normally for darks. And 25% of the belt at a faster speed for whites and lights (since they need less drying time). You can also run everything at one speed, but this gives you optionality beyond just two different belt speeds because you may not have that much white to dry and you'd be wasting a lot of belt space which could be used for color for example.

We are selling DTG equipment to make space for more screen printing and embroidery equipment as demand has picked up there.

Here's a video of the actual belt. It's a beautiful belt for anyone who needs a DTG Dryer or is planning to add more DTG capacity soon. We bought it all in with cusotmizations for $90,000. It's already crated, you just have to pay the freight of around $2-$3k depending on where it's going.
MandR Dryer.MOV

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