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200 Shirts Price

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Hey guys just wondering what would be a good price for 200 black t-shirts with a red design on the front and back. It's for a college and I am going against atleast one other company in terms of bidding.

My cost to print each would be $4.25. On a side note, is this high? My screenprinter is charging me that much.
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That price is fairly in-line with the current economy. Blank 100% cotton t-shirts in black are over $2.00 each now so if your printer is charging you $4.25 for the shirt, set ups and printing that is fair. I would charge $5.00 or $5.25 each when bidding this to your end user client.
I have to agree that is super low. I take it that its just red no underbase for that price. I would be in the 6-6.50 range myself.
Shirts 200x$4= $800 (with mark-up)
Screen set up and film 2x$30= $60
Prints 400x$.40= $160
Flash 400x$.13= $52

Total= $1072
Per Shirt= $5.36 each but I'd charge $5.35
200 black shirts, 4 colors (2 underbase), 2 flashes, 2 location - $6.95 each

200 black shirts, 2 colors, 2 location - $4.87 each

Don't see red looking good with 1 pass and no underbase, but there are my prices for both ways.
Just wanted to let you guys know, I got the project for 5.99 a shirt xD.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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