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The dead celebrities heirs own the likeness to their images, names, voices, works, etc., and licensing agreements would need to struck prior to going to press.

I have, however, seen lots of people make money off recently departed celebrities on eBay, most recently Prince and Chris Cornell. I don't believe grieving families are scouring eBay to find and sue people making a quick buck, but to set up a website dedicated to Tupac would probably draw, in your case, unwanted attention.

The law varies from state to state. California and Tennessee are amongst half the states with statues on the books protecting vigorously this infringement (Elvis' widow lobbied hard for changes in TN) and in the case of CA, for up to 75 years. I believe Tupac is from the west coast, perhaps CA?

In any event, I would contact a copyright lawyer before setting up shop on someone's else's likeness.

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