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Whats Up Everyone!
My First Question Is Does Anyone On This Forum Know Of Any Relabeling Services In The Ny/nj Area? I Mean A Place That Removes The Existing Tags From The Garment And Either Replaces It With Your Tags Or Stitches It Back Up So You Can Screenprint The Label Or Whatever.
Question #2:
How Does One Go About Getting Permission To Use Images Of Stars, Political Figures, Etc. On T-shirts. I See Lots Of Different T-shirt Companies Using Images Of Famous People (bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Biggie Smalls, Etc.) On Their Shirts. While Not Always Very Original Or Creative, They Seem Wildly Popular And I Have A Few Ideas That I Wanted To Play With. Does It Depend On How The Image Is Used And If It Has Been Altered Or Not? Is It A Situation Of Them Just Using The Images And Having To Pay Royalties Later Or Do You Have To Take Steps Beforehand To Get Permission?
Anyway This Forum Is Great And I Appreciate Any Help Anyone Can Give Me.
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