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Well ok heres the thing about copyrights Rodney is very correct
so pay close atten: to that post.. Heres what happend to me.
We were using some images we capured from the net and since sales were
local and small nobody cared. I did get sick of the "But what about the copyright?") it seemed everyone was a expert!.
Well we sold to a local store and he placed the item in his window.BAM!
he got busted and all shirts were confiscated. Also the guys selling at the entrance of the stadium were busted.
So we stopped that image.
If you say print a beatle album cover and sold a few your prob ok,but if you
sell to a store or swapmeet with 20 copies you will draw intrest about the copyright. Any thing you do not produce yourself is already copyrighted the minute it is made .no need to register.Reg copyright means the Feds have a copy of when the artwork was created and by whom(great to have in case of suit). So what I'm saying is the more tee,s you print the more chance of trouble. I checked out some artists and basic price is $500 flat fee for a certain amount of time. But some guys won't even talk. Corp like disney will
make you pay and won't consider you unless you can deliver 10,000 units
Just be carefull use good judgement Don't be afraid to ask,and make sure you
get to now some artists and you will forget about using other peoples stuff.
good luck
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