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Hey Rod

With the "Right to Publicity" laws does that mean I can't use a Silhouette of an athlete/superstar such as mohammed ali or bruce lee?

I've seen people sell tshirts that captures a movie still on ebay and have hundreds of customers. Would it be illegal for me to sell a tshirt that captures an athlete (i.e. a boxing fight still) in action?

Rodney said:
Many screen printers will do this for an additional fee at the time they print your garments. Maybe you could call around to local printers and see if they can provide the service or refer you to someone locally that can.

Since a lot of fashion happens in NY, I'm sure there are local companies that can be found.

"Right to Publicity" laws prohibit people from using another persons likeness on merchandise for sale without permission.

Political figures are exempt from right to publicity laws, which is why you may see lots of Bush or Dick Cheney type t-shirts.

Celebrities often have "celebrity licensing agents" that handle the marketing of their name or image on merchandise. You would need to lookup the contact or agent for the celebrity to find out how to use their image and what the fees are.

Some companies have used celebrity images illegally, and try to fly under the radar. These companies can be sued by the celebrity (or their estate in the case of B.I.G/Tupac or other deceased celebs).

Just a friendly tip. Try not to write in ALL CAPS or with Each First Letter In The Word Capitalized because it makes posts harder to read :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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