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2 DTG Viper 2

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Hey, I have two DTG Vipers that I am hoping to have someone take over payments. There is only a 16 months left and they are still in great working condition. Parts warranty is still in play. Located in tampa, fl. It is a take over payments deal but I will also include the supplies, laptop, and heat press. I am closing the business. Fill free to contact me with any questions or photo needs.
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Sorry, didint think I was allowed to post price

Pricing is 16 payments of $801 left (covers both machines) and we pay an extra $50 a month for insurance. We will also pay the the next month bill for purchaser
Sorry, didint think I was allowed to post pricer
Only in classifieds. Anywhere else in the forum, you can't even post that you have items for sale.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts