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2 colour soccer jerseys

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I am looking to buy 100 fancy 2 colour soccer jerseys from a manufacturer or wholesaler. Ideally at the moment it is a kind of Celtic football Club lookalike jersey. I want to be able to sublimate them. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me on this as I am relatively new to the tshirt printing Business. Many Thanks

the king
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During a trade show I visited a booth called StormtechUSA and they have some of these. They are very nice quality but expensive. They do not have the cheaper look or feel of standard jerseys from let's say Augusta (don't get me wrong I use them often). They would be more comparable to an Adidas or Nike kit. They have the celtic look in green or blue stripes.

I print for a lot of soccer teams so if anyone else has ideas I'm all ears so I can possibly use as well.
We are a specialized soccer store and have access to many soccer brands beyond the generic jerseys sold within the apparel industry. Give us a look and contact me should you need any assistance http://www.soccerchili.com/

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