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2 colour print on nylon drawstring bags

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We have a couple of automatic carousels which we use to print t-shirts and cotton tote bags in 1 or more colours but we have not yet tried to print 2 or more colours on a nylon drawstring bag.

Currently we only print these bags in 1 colour and for jobs with 2 or more colours we produced screen printed transfers which we then apply.

As you can imagine producing transfers can be costly if the image is large and is more labour intensive. Ideally we would like to use our autos but we are needing some advise.

We are aware that the bags shrink under high temperature but for us to print the second colour we need to dry the first print. Doing so results in the bag shrinking which causes the second colour not to register. Is there any inks or anyway we can dry the ink to a level we can print the second or third or fourth colour?

We have 3 large tunnel dryers, 2 fixed flashes on our one auto and a portable flash on our second auto plus a spare flash unit.

I do not see us printing more than 3 spot colours on such a product but if can do more then that would be a bonus.

If anyone can give us any tips or advise please contact me.


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Air dry or low temp dry inks.

Union Ink makes Aerotex, with a catalyst additive that aids in wash-fastness. This is air dry.

Also, WM Plastics makes an air cure ink, that is ready to go out of the tub. (I'm about to try this)
This is air dry, or low temp. I believe it is <170 degrees.

I've seen excellent reviews on Aerotex, but didn't want to wait on shipping, so I bought what I could at a local supplier, to try. I have several projects I MUST TRY NOW. :D

Good luck.

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