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Got a customer who sometimes buys their own shirts. I do alot of stuff for them, but they have other vendors.

This job is for 620 pieces / 2 color front. White and black ink on Texas Orange and Royal shirts/sweats

My original estimate was for 1.46 which sounded cheap, so I bumped it up to 2.25 knowing I could come down.

And she hit me with the other guy usally does it for .60 cents.....is that even possible? 60 cents? Could anyone make anything off that?

Even at 2.25 they would have 4.95 in the adult tees, and 11.05 for the sweats...

I told her I could come down down, thinking I would come down to my original estimate of 1.46 but when she hit me with .60 cents per piece, I was like damn...maybe I need to let this guy do my screenprinting...

How are people pricing that low?
You in the business to make living not give it away. If they don't agree with you price let them go to other guy. She will be back
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