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1. With dye based inks, the ink will bleed when the shirt is washed. After the second washing, the bleeding washes away. The ink also fades over time with dye based inks.
2. You can get the epson stylus c88 for $80. Just as long as the printer uses pigment inks, youll be fine.
3. Pigmented inks fade less, and dont bleed.
4. 16" x 20" is a good size. This gives you the ability to transfer images onto larger things than t-shirts potentially, and also gives you plenty of room to work with. The brand of press wont matter for the quality of the shirt. You do want to buy something that will last a long time though.
6. I buy from bodeck and rhodes. Alot of people on this forum buy from S & S. Another copany to buy from is alpha, and there are countless other manufacturers that you can buy from (search the forum). http://blankshirtstore.com/ is expensive. That is for people who dont have a tax id. To buy from a true wholesale distributor you need a tax id.
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