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First off id like to say THANK YOU to all of you here I have gained so mush knowledge from this forum it's amazing!

I just purchased a 16 x 16 Silver flash dryer from SilkScreenNow.com | Home Based Business T-Shirt Printingand was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this unit. Any feedback would be helpful.

I will also post up my review of this unit once I have completed a couple of jobs.
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The majority of flash dryers are very simple in design.

What you have is an infrared heating panel
with an aluminum frame holding it with the bottom
section open to the area that requires the heat for flashing.

What he is doing is just going to the source and
getting the infrared panel and making his own
aluminium frame with the proper insulators and
there you have a flash dryer.

Considering what a flash dryer actually is.. they are extremely
expensive in price.

His seem to be at a decent price but you will have
to make your own stand.

It's all about the infrared heating panel.

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Well if I have a decent flash dryer and I can save some money I'm happy :) Ill be making a stand this weekend... With a 25 lbs weight at the bottom :)
His pricing for his 18x20 is about what I paid for my BBC 18x20 from Ryonet including stand,casters,and shipping.

I think he raised his prices recently. From what I read a while back he is using the best infrared panels you can get so that's a plus.
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