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11x17 Iron-ALL transfer paper

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Does anyone have some 11x17 Iron-ALL transfer paper laying around that they would be willing to part with? I'm kind of in a bind, and the paper I ordered a couple of weeks ago is on B/O and won't ship for at least a month. I need about 20 sheets, but I'd be happy with what I could get, even if it was a few sheets here and a couple of sheets there. Thanks.
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Who did you order it from Dan?
He wrote me that he was really ill for a month. and his business suffered for it. he is back on top now so hopefully he has it on order. Hope you get your paper. if I used it I would have sent it to you. Any way to do a 2 piece transfer?
call up visual-color.com They have the stuff. They just sell it under the name softfeel
Thanks y'all. It looks like visual color has a 100 minimum order.

I thought about using two 8.5x11s but have reservations as the paper is so finicky. Any first-hand tips you can give me? Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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