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Im looking for a Oki color laser for transfers.
Looking at the 610n and what is the next model for doing
11x17 in the oki line. Don't need double side either.
After I put this message up.
I see the OKi 330 is also a option and the price is cheap for
color laser 8 1/2 x 11. I saw a video on youtube with Magictouch using one and a Cameo cutter to cut their image
off the paper. They were using a stretch type stuff.
So The Oki 330 is a cheap way to go looks like.

Well I just learned something the Cameo does have a optical eye like the Roland GX-24. Its made by Graphtec so that is a good name. I bet Roland hates that even if it is just 12" across by 12" deep. The craft people are eating it up and it will work
for my stuff looks like.

I see this Stalhs Exact Print transfer paper is nice and works
with foil for some amazing looks. I see Joto has a paper
that seems to be the same thing and bit cheaper.
Stalhs seems to have it for dark color too, no white toner
needed for that stuff.
The direct print stuff seems to peel off real clean too seen
at a show, no outline at all I could feel nothing.
Trying to make my mind up if I need the 11x17 size prints,
and does the 11x17 also handle 8 1/2 x 11 paper too?

I guess if I wanted to cover more of the shirt with design I could just break up the design into two sections on two
8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Im just doing this stuff for myself and to sell a few custom designs. Has anyone printed a design out on two sheets to cover larger area on a shirt
like this?
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