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10th time back here...I think it's time I join lol XD

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Hi everyone,

I joined this forum to look for some helpful advice on T-Shirt printing. Really new to the entire T-Shirt game (lol). I've passed by this forum looking for a couple T-Shirt answers and finally decided to join lol.

I'm trying to find answers to what the "best" way to go about printing my shirts are. I've done some research and have tried an on demand company like Zazzle for my shirts, however I wasn't entirely satisfied with the results.

What I would like to find is a solution that can deliver printed shirts that retain it's image clarity on multiple washes, feels good and weighted and not thin and flimsy, and allows for a low minimum (or on demand) printing...I ONLY NEED 4 SHIRTS for now lol.

From what I've read, screen printing is the way to go offering high quality printing with limited colors, also considering I can vary the image to only need 2 colors instead of a gradient. However is there a solution that allows for things like gradients and full range colors that will retain the image over multiple washes and not have that all metalic/paint like feel to it....and doesn't cost an arm and a leg per shirt(lol)?

If need be, I can post pictures of two shirts that I have that I'm trying to get in similar quality to.

Finally I see there's a video up there regarding shirt companies to check out. I will do that after this post but please post any and all helpful advise please.

Thanks guys and glad to be here :D
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Welcome to the forums! Definitely post some pictures.
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