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100 T shirts Needed on grey shirts black ink

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I am looking to have 100 t shirts made up s,m,l,xl grey shirts with black ink, Also would like to have 10 x small pink t shirts with black ink as well. I would only need them with a big back design. I have the design in hand and can send it to you for review.

Steve Delacruz

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Hi Steve, we can help out with your order. Feel free to send the art over to info[USER=10871]@kush[/USER]works.com. We'll take a look and I'll send over some pricing.

Aaron Kushner
Kushworks Studios
We can difinately help out with what you need send the art over to gnrsilkscreening[USER=36795]@gm[/USER]ail.com and what size you would like the art work printed and i can send you a quote. Thank you
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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