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1 sleeve shrunk after washing - bizarre

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Okay so this is a new one to me. I have a customer that told me that the shirts we printed shrunk. They were Gildan Heavy Cotton G5000 purchased from Bodek and Rhodes.

Well they are pre-shrunk but shirts do tend to shrink a little more after a wash, nothing drastic. But they told me that some parts shrunk more so than others, i.e. one sleeve shrunk and is noticeably tighter than the other one. I've never heard of that, so they returned a washed shirt and well I will attach it. Let me assure you that left sleeve is not bunched up, it shrunk that much.

I don't know whos fault this is, but before they were washed they fit normal.

Does anybody have any idea what could have caused it or had a similar issue?
-also what can be done to prevent this?
-or fix the issue (I know you cannot return printed or washed shirts, but how could I have seen this?)

They said not all of the shirts were this bad, but they all were irregular fitting after a wash.


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