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1 or 2 Print Head(s) for a Workhorse Odyssey Manual

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I currently have a 4 color Workhourse Odyssey. I have been getting pretty good results but I feel like a 3 legged horse at the Kentucky Derby.
I need to get some more heads on my machine to be able to do under-bases and highlights..etc.

I called workhorse and they said it was about 500 each head plus shipping.
I actually bought my entire 4 head machine for 800 used.
So, I would be paying more for 2 additional heads than I paid for my whole press.

I was thinking about finding another Odyssey press and just buying it if it was under 1000. Also, I just want to see if maybe, by chance, someone wants to sell a head or 2 from their old Odyssey press.

The heads I need are for the press in the video below.

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