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1 Digital Transfers Art selling for $ 40,000 - a Genius

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well, you're probably wondering how Carl and Ann Beam ( Carl Beam is Canada's first International Artist ) ended up in this Heat Press topic.

Simple, Carl and Ann were involved with the artistic element of digital transfers (aka color copy photo transfers) years ago. My friend, as Carl called him "Freeman", was making these transfers for them by the 100's (11x17 size), you can see how they used these transfers, what they applyed them to and what they added to them with various art materials etc...

These art pieces are worth anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 40,000, not bad for a young family that built their own Adobe house one brick at a time. Do you know how much work that is ?

Have a look fellow Digital Tranfer Peeps, at what can be done with Digital Transfers :

ps: Thanks for the " Rescue Remedy " Annie.
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