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  1. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    I recently decided to start using water based inks for certain jobs and possibly even switch over from plastisol almost completely. I started a job yesterday w water based and before doing any research I basically treated it just as I would plastisol ink. The job is just white ink on black...
  2. Referrals and Recommendations
    Hi! I haven't been in here for a while but if I can find the printer I'm looking for, it'll be in this forum. So as stated above I'm looking for a shop with experience printing water based and discharge inks. Specifically printing WB on 60/40 and even tirblend shirts. My standard offering to...
  3. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    Hi There, Being a small printer from home that is not using pro equipment, Do understand there would and will be issues, but have also understood that Permset inks do well without too complicated setup. My Issue is a washout problem after printing on fabric. I'm using 67T mesh, 2-3 strokes...
  4. Screen Printing
    I know once mixed, the ink has a shelf life of a few hours. But does the powder itself have a shelf life? I’ve been having some issues with my discharge ink as of recent. Discharge powder is a couple years old.
  5. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi guys, I am using a DIY screen printing press and for some reason when I'm printing one of the corners get way too much ink and sometimes it even bleeds out (see both pictures). It seems that I've tried everything, but I still don't understand what's happening and why. Any ideas? Thanks you!!
  6. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and I started screen printing on shirts a few weeks ago. I noticed I messed up a bunch of shirts already due to either a ink or curing problem. I'm using a gallon of speedball water based white fabric ink, and is using a heat gun. I do not have the money at the...
  7. T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
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1-7 of 7 Results