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  1. T shirt Printing Issues
    Emulsion keeps bubbling up. Could be because we have been trying to wash it out in the freezing cold? Shits fucked. This is what it looks like after we try to wash it out. If anyone knows what the hell is the issue we would be very interested to hear. Thank you!
  2. Screen Printing
    I am a brand new screen printer. During my first two attempts i’ve experienced a few problems. The first attempt I had no problem with applying the emulsion. I had it shirt side faving down with a fan directed in it to dry and I left it for 12 hours. I then exposed my image with a UV light for 3...
  3. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hey Guys and Gals I have been having a complete nightmare the last month. I have decided to attempt to get into t shirt screen printing. Starting with a simple one colour t shirt. The issue is making the screen 😭. The screen I have is a 77T mesh and I am using Flat fox emulsion. I have made a...
1-3 of 3 Results