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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Can you use a heat press for a vinyl transfer on Supima cotton?
  2. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Decades ago my mother owned a print shop which included a Gerber FasTrak 1300. I am tired of this thing taking up space without being able to use it. The latest wave of Microsoft obsolescence software has rendered it impossible for any of my working computers to communicate with this old...
  3. Vinyl Signs and Decals
    Guys I wanted to know if there's anyway that I can stick decal vinyl onto clothing? Or vinyl used on cars.
  4. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    I have a question ? I sell vinyl shirts to customers on ebay for 19.00 each. My good friend has a record store and wants to sell shirts there also. He wants to buy vinyl shirts from me and resell them at his shop . How much should I charge him for a vinyl shirt each? He's a good friend of mine...
  5. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Hi, Does anyone know of a vinyl that has a rhinestone or sequins look and feel in the UK - is this a thing? Thanks!
  6. Screen Printing
    My logo is White and black when printing on a BLACK T SHIRT, do i need to use black ink or can i save money and just use the White ink and allow the black shirt to take the black inks place. and vice versa with shirts, do i need white ink or can i just use the backing of the white t shirt...
  7. TF Classifieds
    Roland GX-24 with stand, light and heat transfer vinyl material $1000 OBO Also have 2 Heat Presses for Sale in another listing. NO SHIPPING!! Pickup in Oxnard California about 45 north on Los Angeles
    $1,000 USD
  8. Graphics and Design Help
    Hi, This is probably very simple to do but I haven’t been able to figure it out. I save all my deigns in an EPS format and load them into Flexisign when needed. What I would like to be able to do is load all the deigns I need for the day into Flexisign and have Flexisign arrange the deigns...
  9. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Hi, I am looking to press a vinyl logo onto a 5% elastane t-shirt and wanted some advice on products. The clients logo it quite boxy thus I want something that is not to thick/heavy that can stretch with the garment and if possible has a duller matt finish so it looks more like a screen print...
  10. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi! I'm a student looking to upgrade my shirt business in a Budget, I would like to know more about how to convert inkjet printers into eco solvent printers so I could print on heat transfer vinyl. I've been eyeing on Epson L121 since it came out, is it okay to be converted to eco-solvent...
  11. Raw Vinyl Coating.png

    Vinyl coating procedure machine to make PU heat transfer vinyl
  12. Rolling.png

    Rolling for vinyl and splitting for heat transfer vinyl
  13. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I have samples of transfers that are soft (slippery) when you touch it. It is the one where the logo is on top of the shirt it doesn't really sink into the shirt like screen printing. It is not like the ultrasoft from Transfer Express it is more like their Cad-Printz express prints digital...
  14. Member Introductions
    HI! My name is Angela and I have been printing for approximately 6 years. I do sublimation, print and cut vinyl, solid color vinyl and am afbout to dabble in DTG! Excited to bounce ideas back and forth!
  15. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Hi, I was told about printable flock vinyl for a BN-20 last year and I have just got round to looking into it but can’t seem to find a suppliers that I recognise here in the UK. Does anyone have any experience and are the results any good? Thanks any info would be helpful.
  16. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm new to all of this, but basically I have a sublimation printer and a heat press. Still trying to figure out the best t shirt stock to use. As I am sure you are aware, I am limited to light/white t shirts. I haven't even started selling yet, so I am wondering if its worth...
  17. T-Shirt Articles
    Transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems People are telling me that this could be interesting, so I wanted to share with you. Transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems Holger Beck, SEF - The digital transfer printing market has been growing for years. While this has...
  18. T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    The Under 6 Stigma: This Ain't Yo Mama's Iron On What do you when someone wants to order a job for 12 pieces? What if they want a job for less than 6 shirts? Do you write the order and get it done? Charge them an arm and a leg for screen set up or maybe you up sell them to your minimum...
1-18 of 18 Results