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vinyl cutting machines

  1. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm new to all of this, but basically I have a sublimation printer and a heat press. Still trying to figure out the best t shirt stock to use. As I am sure you are aware, I am limited to light/white t shirts. I haven't even started selling yet, so I am wondering if its worth...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi, I am trying to use a vinyl cutter to do some heat press prints. I am having a lot of trouble with the sharpness of the lines and corners. I attached a photo and circles my issues in red. It's almost like the beginning of the cut and the end of the cut are not meeting up leaving a gap that...
  3. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Hello. For a long time, I've been using silhouette cameo without any serious issue. This year I desiced to launch my seiki720T cutter I got for my new shop.... while the machine was still at home, there was no issue anytime I use it. Fast forward to when I got the new space and I started using...
  4. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Your precious suggestions required !! Do vinyl cutter blade brand names matter ??